Our ALGOPERFORMANCE cares are the epitome of relaxation and pampering. They begin with a unique welcome ritual: marine relaxation. Discover the magic of one of these unique cares!


1 hour 25 minutes

Sheer skin with a brightening effect.
The alchemy and performance of two types of seaweed* and White lily restore light and perfection to the skin. The care begins with a gentle cleansing of the skin to ready it for the skin care. We move on to exfoliation for deep, controlled cleansing. This relaxes the skin and readies it for the draining modelage, consisting of smoothing and lymphatic stimulation. It is then time for the magic of the detoxifying peel-off mask. While the mask is working miracles, the algotherapist will give your hands an experience of absolute bliss. It is then time to awaken. The skin breathes anew, dark spots and wrinkles are visibly diminished and the compexion is radiant.

* Dictyopteris membranacea works against dark spots and Phormidium persicinum has a smoothing effect.

V921008 Мицеллярная вода Comfort
V921012 Энзимный гель Comfort
V921500 Сыворотка Marine Life
V921107 Лифтинговая сыворотка для глаз
V921103 Увлажняющий крем-гель для глаз
V921505 Крем против первых признаков морщин